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Human Resources

İnsan Kaynakları *We follow the "the right person for the right job" without making language, religion, race and gender discrimination and we employ people according to their competence degree by assessing them objectively.
*We provide equal opportunities for all our employees and also protect their all rights.
* We offer ''Training and Development Programs'' to our employing for improving their knowledge and skills.
* We use the system of ''Appreciation, Recognition, Award'' to motivate our employees and accordingly, encourage them for participation and success and we award success.
* We make Human Resources Planning according to the targets and strategies.
* We arrange and support social activities for making our employees closer.
* We provide new working models and proper environments for making our employees use their all potentials in the most efficient way.
* We measure our employees" performances by using objective methods.
* We take the required measures for working under safe conditions according to the law code of Occupational Health and Safety and the applicable rules.

Our company believes that organizational success can be achieved only by educated, experienced, professional and motivated personnel and aims to satisfy its personnel at most.

İnsan Kaynakları

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kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel
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Our quality and food safety policy is to improve efficiency of quality and food safety system, to act according to all law codes, codex and standards..,
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