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Facilities & Hygiene

We are aware that, total quality consists of not only taste and service but the initial point is manufacturing place, manufacturing conditions and manufacturing methods.

Kızılkaya Catering was specifically designed and built in Körfez and equipped with most modern equipments. It is easily distinguished from classic kitchens. It is a 4-storey modern and honorable factory having 3000 m2 indoor area.

Technology and systems being used in our facilities are contemporary and at higher level than required.

* Products storable 72-hours and laboratorial control unit
* Physician specialized on labor health and continuous monitoring health status of employees
* Use of refined water, which is purified in special departments after microbiological control of it
* Raw material supply from leading companies, which evidenced their quality and reliability

We would like to extend hospitality to our all customers, to show around and to offer our meals for their tasting before they make their decisions.

You are invited to our taste manufacturing.


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Facilities & Hygiene
kızılkaya restaurant kızılkaya restaurant kızılkaya restaurant
kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel
Our restaurant, which was founded in 1989, has been continuing to serve via its experienced personnel and its building suitable from the point of view of substructure and ..
kızılkaya butik otel
kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel
kızılkaya catering kızılkaya catering
Our quality and food safety policy is to improve efficiency of quality and food safety system, to act according to all law codes, codex and standards..,
kızılkaya catering
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Please fil l up application form at human resources for your application to be male receptionistMore
kızılkaya catering
kızılkaya catering
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