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toplu yemek hizmetiLunch for personnel
The samples collected from our meals are stored by our food engineers to control bacteria reproduction. We prefer Blast Chiller method, which is a method for storing the products prepared as semi-products during cooking preparation stage or the foodstuff under risk in places preventing bacteria reproduction in our manufacturing facilities in case of these products must be cooled immediately after cooking and making semi-products achieved their initial quality and taste when they are used. Kızılkaya Catering serving with customer satisfaction calculate calorie, protein, carbohydrate and energy values of the meals existing in its menus and inform the customers about them.



cateringOutside Catering Service
Kızılkaya Catering having been adopted high-quality and perfect service comprehension as a principle may make service for your organizations requiring OUTSIDE CATERING like opening ceremonies, cocktails, celebrations, dinner, lunch, picnic etc in anywhere you wish. It supplies very large service range including foodstuff, beverage, music, animation groups for children, hall and table arrangements.




Lunch for personnel
One of the main targets of our company is to supply lunch services in places in which your company exists. You can save money and time "In-situ lunch cooking" services of Kızılkaya Catering. All preparations and cooking are done in the kitchen of your company by the personnel of Kızılkaya Catering under the management of the project manager.





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The reason for the taste specific to Kızılkaya is professional and competent cooks and A quality class ingredients used in meals taken after control.
Menus are prepared by food engineers taking foodstuff s calories and their nutritional values under consideration. The whole process including raw material intake and cooking is controlled by the responsible food engineers.
It is indispensable for us that the manufacturing satisfies all demands of the customer.

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kızılkaya restaurant kızılkaya restaurant kızılkaya restaurant
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Our restaurant, which was founded in 1989, has been continuing to serve via its experienced personnel and its building suitable from the point of view of substructure and ..
kızılkaya butik otel
kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel
kızılkaya catering kızılkaya catering
Our quality and food safety policy is to improve efficiency of quality and food safety system, to act according to all law codes, codex and standards..,
kızılkaya catering
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kızılkaya catering
kızılkaya catering
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