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misyon vizyonOur mission
Our mission is to be a leading company without any alternative due to its product and service quality, being seen as a model in the sector, being able to be the last chain in careers of the employees, making investments according to demands of customers and adopting being respectful to human and the environment along with customer satisfaction under a warm home ambient.

Our vision
we as Kızılkaya is a growing company through its expert and dynamic personnel focused on customers in all sectors in which it serve and respecting its business. Our services, for industrial companies, hospital, official bureaus and schools existing in our region, are in-situ production in project kitchens and meal transportation from our central kitchen according to balanced and healthy diet principle. We also offer restaurant and hotel services. We are ready to serve in your various occasions and organizations.



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kızılkaya restaurant kızılkaya restaurant kızılkaya restaurant
kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel
Our restaurant, which was founded in 1989, has been continuing to serve via its experienced personnel and its building suitable from the point of view of substructure and ..
kızılkaya butik otel
kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel kızılkaya butik otel
kızılkaya catering kızılkaya catering
Our quality and food safety policy is to improve efficiency of quality and food safety system, to act according to all law codes, codex and standards..,
kızılkaya catering
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Please fil l up application form at human resources for your application to be male receptionistMore
kızılkaya catering
kızılkaya catering
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